Why Ryze?

So, we broke down why we drink. And it turns out that we really, really like wine. We like wine with food and we like wine by itself. We like wine with friends and we like wine while relaxing on the couch at home. We like it indoors, we like it outdoors – we even like it camping, when we’re both indoors and out.

But there’s one thing we like more than wine, and that’s life. Wine is good, but life is better. Seeing the sunrise – having already been to bed – is better. Being healthy is better. Doing the hard work is better. Waking up without the weight of a crushing hangover is better, every single time.

Wine shouldn’t get in the way of life, but we all know that it can. Jaimie Foxx was right: blame it on the alcohol. The average alcohol content of a wine has increased over the past three decades, but why? Alcohol isn’t the best part of a wine; the experience – smell, taste and setting – is. Being drunk or hungover was never the intention, we just came to accept it as a necessary consequence.

With Ryze, we set out to prove that a wine that's low in alcohol, sugar and calories can taste just as good as the 'real' thing. Whether it’s red, white or rosé, Ryze is there to help you relax, share a meal, celebrate and fully embrace the moment, whatever that moment is. You can even crack a second bottle, all without stealing precious time from tomorrow.